With only one day to go, Nanjing Tech Week 2019 will kick off. The event will bring together nearly 180 academicians and 6 Nobel laureates from 45 countries and regions, more than 500 global blacktechs from all over the country, and hundreds of contests, forums and pairing sessions… As the “coolest and most important” event of the year in Nanjing, Nanjing Tech Week 2019 will create “Nanjing’s own Davos Forum” and “Oscars” for innovation and start-ups, and make a “declaration of innovation” to the world.

Slush, one of the world’s leading start-up event originated in Finland, will take place in Nanjing, bringing the original overseas culture of innovation and start-ups as well as the Finish cuisine. Besides, the top blacktech products from all over the world will bring fantastic experiences to the visitors. The organizer of Nanjing Tech Week 2019 has selected more than 500 blacktech projects from 1,000 candidate exhibits to showcase at the event. During the event, the 5G communication technology from Huawei, the quantum communication technology and horizon autopilot platform from ZCW, the nano black gold material from Nanjing University’s start-up team, and the AI gene therapy in ophthalmology from Turing AI Institute will all be unveiled at the International Expo Center.