June 11, 2020

On June 10, “2020 Nanjing Tech Week – The Fifth Tsinghua Alumni Three Creations Competition in Nanjing” began in Zidong International Creative Park.

Tsinghua Alumni Three Creations Competition, sponsored by the Tsinghua Alumni Association, is a series of activities that comprehensively support alumni and students’ “Creation, Innovation & Entrepreneurship” at different levels. Through the careful and expert selection from the Nanjing Organizing Committee of the Fifth Tsinghua Alumni Three Creations Competition, seventeen projects were involved in the final debate at the Nanjing competition site. The projects were divided into three groups: seed, angel and growth, including TMT/AI/Big Data/5G/blockchain, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, living environment, cultural & creative sports, and integrated circuits.

Through fierce competition, the “Commercial SAR Satellite” project won the first prize of 2020 Nanjing Tech Week – the Fifth Tsinghua Alumni Sanchuang Competition in Nanjing; the “Military Interaction Space” and “Development and Application of Independent Software Platform SWGKS” projects both won the second prize; the “R&D and industrialization of temperature control film suitable for high-end fields of FPD, FPC”, “Deep Energy-Saving Optimization Products and Applications Based on AIoT”, “Teaching Service Based on Artificial Intelligence” projects won the third prize of the Competition.