Nanjing, the ancient capital of China, showed its passion to the world today. With the opening video music of the 2020 Nanjing Tech Week – Purple Mountain Innovation Conference, the 2020 Nanjing Tech Week officially began on the morning of June 22, and attracted a great number of global innovators.

As the “top” brand for creating innovation cities in Nanjing, the 2020 Nanjing Tech Week – Purple Mountain Innovation Conference centers on the theme of “Understanding Urban Innovation”, and through the three chapters of “Perceiving Nanjing”, “Embracing the World” and “Creating the Future Together”, interprets Nanjing’s innovation, shares ideas about urban innovation, and discusses the vision of mutual development to reach a consensus on innovation.

Through this Tech Week, Nanjing sent out invitations and gathered the world’s top resources for innovation. “Global Summit on the Cloud” is one of the highlights of the tech week, which is composed of three channels: connecting host countries and guest countries, T20 innovation cooperation, and innovation dialogue among overseas partners. The conference is carried out online across various kinds of communication and docking methods, and promotes the gathering of international innovation resources, strengthens the innovation cooperation between Nanjing and its overseas partners, and promotes Nanjing innovation in becoming an important node in the world innovation network.

With the opening of the 2020 Nanjing Tech Week, global innovators will focus on the topic of innovation and development, and share ideas, exchange achievements, and pursue the future through various forms both online and offline. Through this, they will inject an inexhaustible impetus into the creation of a famous city of innovation and a beautiful ancient capital.