On April 20 last year, the city of Nanjing signed a contract with Tsinghua University for co-building a new-type research and development institution – Turing Artificial Intelligence Institute. The Institute is led by Yao Qizhi, winner of the Turing Award – the world’s top award in the computer field. Relying on the scientific and technological strengths of Academician Yao and the Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences, Tsinghua University, the Institute operates in major scientific and technological innovation in AI, personnel training, technical services for traditional industries, and the agglomeration of industries and equity investors, with a view to promoting scientific and technological innovation and the conversion of innovation results in the field of artificial intelligence.

The Institute represents the first entrepreneurial effort of Yao’s team, as well as a major achievement of Nanjing’s effort to “promote the conversion of technological achievements, the development of new-type R&D institutions, and the integration of educational institutions and local enterprises”. In the past year, Yao Qizhi and his wife have been in Nanjing for more than 10 times to steer the work of the Institute, and senior members of the Administration Committee of the Institute have also frequently worked on site to command the operations of the Institute.

To date, Turing Artificial Intelligence Institute has made equity investment in all of the 15 enterprises it has hatched, and played an active role in the operation of the enterprises to help them break through barriers and build confidence.