On March 27, Qian Weizu, SVP and partner of Plug and Play, the world’s earliest and largest tech accelerator, brought 12 cross-border programs from around the world to the Software Valley.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Plug and Play focuses on building a global innovation platform and has invested in more than 6,000 start-ups, including companies like Google.

Plug and Play provides open innovation services for major enterprises and innovation acceleration services for small- and medium-sized enterprises in Nanjing and hosts the International Unicorn Acceleration Bootcamp. By doing so, it integrates the city’s advantageous industrial resources, promotes their integration with the world’s top 500 enterprises and global innovation acceleration programs on its innovation platform, and engages in deep-level cooperation in the layout of industrial ecology, talent recruitment, technological exchange, investment, and M&A, with a view to helping Nanjing develop advantageous industries such as automobile, artificial intelligence, and intelligent manufacturing.

With the help of Plug and Play, global giants such as Audi, SoftPower, Bosch RBVC and AutoX have come to Nanjing Development Zone (NDZ) and launched cooperation with local institutions and enterprises such as Nanjing Artificial Intelligence Research Institute. To date, the number of “AI+ Technology” cooperative programs alone has reached 20. Plug and Play has also assisted in establishing the NDZ Silicon Valley Innovation Center at Silicon Valley to promote NDZ’s global accelerator platform for artificial intelligence.

Besides, it will participate in the preparations for the domestic IoT sub-forum at “Nanjing Week” this June.