June 11, 2020

 The 2020 Nanjing Tech Week will raise its curtain this month with the China Gate Innovator Competition final as its major event.

  Talented people from all over the world, 62.2% with master’s degrees or above

 Among all the contestants who signed up for the competition, it can be noted that 245 of the talented individuals have master’s degrees or above, accounting for 62.2%, of whom 146 have PhDs. Instead of blindly expanding the number of competition projects, the overall level and quality of them has been significantly improved based on the core value of the projects.

High core technical barrier of products, great potential for subsequent development

 Due to high technological content and great potential for subsequent development, 59 growing science-and-technology enterprises have won the favor of venture capital institutions for financing. Eighteen of which have entered the series A round of financing and above. More start-ups and teams are expected to receive a guidance fund from the Liuhe industry and investment from venture capital institutions through this competition.