On April 2, a delegation led by the dean of School of Mathematical Sciences, University College Cork visited Software Valley. During the visit, the Irish and Chinese sides entered into an agreement on the operations of the Nanjing Overseas Collaborative Innovation Center.

Relying on the resources of Nanjing Brain Valley Artificial Intelligence Research Institute and the talent teams from both sides, the Innovation Center has founded Shuguang Big Data Analysis Co., Ltd. in Ireland. The company, operating under the mode of “One Body, Two Wings”, is aimed at developing cooperation channels between Yuhuatai District of Nanjing and Irish government agencies, Chinese consulates in Ireland, industry associations, colleges and universities, tech enterprises, and talent teams.

In addition, Yuhuatai District has also launched cooperation with Bauman Moscow State Technical University in Russia to establish a new generation IT research and development institution, which has settled in the business district of Nanjing South Railway Station. According to a principal at the Software Valley, the valley has also established a China-Europe Innovation Center in collaboration with Global Green Development Capital (GGDC) to attract European enterprises.