At the Nanjing Tech Week, AI played a dominant role, which once again showed Nanjing’s ambition to build AI into an industrial landmark. What has given the city of Nanjing enough confidence to do so, facing the trend in which countries around the world and cities across China are actively planning for AI development?

Among the 200,000 college graduates with an undergraduate degree or above, a substantial number majored in subjects related to AI. In 2018, the core AI industry in the city reached a scale of RMB 6 billion, driving its related industry up to a scale of RMB 60 billion. According to the rankings issued by many research institutions, Nanjing ranks among the top 10 cities in China in terms of the development of the AI industry.

Besides, Nanjing has developed AI high-tech parks and maker spaces, and built a number of public service platforms and technical support platforms for artificial intelligence. These have formed a “one-belt and two-pillar” pattern for the development of the AI industry.

According to the latest news from Nanjing Tech Week, the Standing Committee of the CPC Nanjing Municipal Committee has passed the Three-Year Action Plan for the Development of AI Industrial Landmark. By 2020, the core AI industry in Nanjing will reach a scale of RMB 10 billion and drive the scale of its related industries up to RMB 100 billion. The goal is to build Nanjing into a city of artificial intelligence with a leading position in China and global influence.