Innovative Nanjing is a common future. The 2020 Nanjing Tech Week came to a close with the applause of guests on June 27. The road of innovation in Nanjing set foot on a new journey again after Zheng Zhong, the responsible person from the Innovation Office of the Municipal Party Committee, took over the flag of the tech week. Nanjing, a beautiful ancient capital, showcased its “Innovative City” style to the world once again by gathering an extensive range of innovative elements and combining them with cutting-edge ideas while taking the tech week as its medium.

At the Tech Week events, there were a large number of important guests, including 4 former Heads of State and Government from major innovative countries, 7 Consul Generals of major innovative countries and small key countries, 9 winners of the Nobel Prize and Turing Prizes, 199 Chinese and foreign academicians, 76 Heads of famous universities and institutions at home and abroad, and 206 Senior Executives of internationally renowned enterprises. All of these gathered on the “Cloud” to “combine wisdom”. They shared their own innovative practices and experiences specific to many cutting-edge fields, such as artificial intelligence and Big Data applications, nanotechnology, environmental protection industry, new energy, and high-end equipment manufacturing. At the same time, they put forward profound insights, many of which have important guiding significance for the transformation of Nanjing into a famous innovative city.

Openness is the foundation of innovation. As the important content of the “Online Global Summit” of this year’s Tech Week, the connection between the host country and the guest country, as well as the innovation dialogue between overseas partners make up a large highlight. In addition, the 2020 Nanjing Tech Week also used 5G, VR, AR, and other live-action rendering technologies to carry out live sharing to the world and to upgrade the visual experience for the “Cloud” audience. Of the four “cloud plates”, “An Online Trip to Nanjing Bay – Creating a Beautiful Ancient Capital” attracted millions of online views, and more than 100 million people online interacted in the China Gate series.

With two business cards, ancient and present, Nanjing has gone from being called the “Center of Chinese Culture” to the “Famous Innovative City”, and pursues a constant gene of innovation and eternal quality of respecting and loving talents. The road of innovation in 2020 has been opened. Nanjing is taking innovation as its sail, solid work as its oar, and dreams as its shore, and is traveling over the wide blue sea with win-win cooperation. This is to promote the second deepening, expansion and development and construction of this famous innovative city.