Source: Niuka Video

June 11, 2020

The opening ceremony of the T20 Pukou-Silicon Valley Innovation Cooperation was held on June 10. Silicon Valley is the world’s most important high-tech industrial base, with active innovation elements, venture capital and entrepreneurial teams. This cooperation will be a new model for both sides to integrate their innovative resources, and a new exploration point to promote the docking of innovative subjects, accelerate transfers and transform scientific and technological achievements. In the future, it shall also lay a good foundation for deep cooperation between the two places, in terms of science and technology, education and culture.

At the event, ten innovative projects from Silicon Valley displayed roadshows in the form of internet connectivity, involving Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and other fields. These provided solutions to specific problems such as data collection difficulties, and how to reduce engine emissions and costs.

 This year, the Pukou Economic Development Zone will strive to achieve the goal of 80% investment in high-tech manufacturing as a proportion of industrial investment, and gather no less than ten high-end international innovation projects.