On the morning of June 26, the Purple Mountain Innovation Conference kicked off, marking the official opening of the Nanjing Tech Week 2019. Richard Roberts, Nobel laureate and chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board, Finn Kydland, Nobel laureate in economics, Konstantin Novoselov, Nobel laureate in physics, Dan Shechtman, Nobel laureate in chemistry, Ding Zhaozhong, Nobel laureate in physics, Wang Zeshan and Qian Qihu, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and recipients of China’s Top Scientific and Technological Award, and Yao Qizhi, winner of the Turing Award attended the Conference.

Nanjing Tech Week 2019 will last from June 26 to 30. The theme is “Infinite Nanjing, Infinite Future”, with the principle of “innovating, sharing and winning together”. World-renowned scientists, entrepreneurs, innovative institutions and investment institutions are invited to Nanjing to exchange innovative ideas, showcase the latest scientific and technological achievements, and launch cooperation on projects. The idea is to provide an international platform of display, project pairing and cooperation for innovative enterprises, talents and institutions.

In terms of innovation, Nanjing has a time-honored history, a solid foundation for now and great prospects in the future. Innovation is the hallmark of Nanjing. It is our sincere hope that talents from all over the world will gather in Nanjing to innovate and win together.

In addition, Finn Kydland, Ding Zhaozhong, Richard Florida (professor of business and creativity at Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto), and Zhou Hongyi, President and CEO of 360 Group, made keynote speeches. Richard Roberts, Dan Shechtman, Yao Qizhi, Hans Uzklet (Director of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence), Zhu Shining, (Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences), You Xiaohu (Professor of Southeast University), and Xu Wenwei (Board Director of Huawei) held expert dialogues on “Cooperative Innovation and Inclusive Development”.