At the Purple Mountain Innovation Conference of 2020 Nanjing Tech Week, You Xiaohu, the Deputy Director of Purple Mountain Laboratory of Internet Communication & Security, made an exciting keynote speech. “In the future, 6G will become the main battlefield of international science & technology competition. Despite the lack of a global unified definition for 6G at present, it is still an overall consensus to adopt mm-wave and higher frequency bands. The use of mm-wave frequency bands will make new applications possible, such as holographic imaging and automatic driving.”

You Xiaohu said that Purple Mountain Laboratory took the lead in 6G research at the beginning of its establishment, adopting millimeter wave, terahertz, and other such technologies, and has started using a large-scale antenna array, so as to transmit radio waves in a certain direction at a high-frequency band.

Proudly, after numerous attempts, Purple Mountain Laboratory is the first in the world to master low-cost chips and the large-scale integration of tens of thousands of antenna arrays. What’s more, Purple Mountain Laboratory has found out an economically feasible technical route for fully developing higher frequency mobile communication systems in the future, which makes the impossible possible.