June 10, 2020

The 2019 Nanjing Tech Week successfully issued a “Declaration of Innovation” to the world in June 2019. China has occupied one of the pages in the book of world innovation at the 2019 Nanjing Tech Week. In June of this year, 2020 Nanjing Tech Week went “online” in a brand new way, gathering innovative strengths and further expanding the global community.

In the face of uncertainties in the international economic and trade environment, the COVID-19 outbreak and other challenges, the “2020 Nanjing Tech Week”, which will be officially held in Nanjing on June 22, is still looking to swamp the global mainstream media. On June 8, published by Global News Agency Alliance in five languages and five countries from the European, American and Asian-Pacific regions, the article “Nanjing to Host Virtual Tech Week” was widely shared and published by a total of 220 media organizations, including local mainstream media, portals and key information websites, with more than 81 million views.

Japan’s Kyodo (Japan’s largest news agency)

Agence France Presse (one of the four major international news agencies)

Asahi Shimbun (the world’s second-largest newspaper by circulation)

America’s Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)

American Broadcasting Company (ABC)

America’s National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

Itar-Tass (Russia’s largest state news agency)

News Aktuell Germany of the German Press Agency