Nanjing is the third city in China for scientific education. The ongoing Nanjing Tech Week has brought together alumni of 53 universities in Nanjing from home and abroad and served as an event week for them as well. On June 27, the Nanjing Representative Office in Beijing and the Beijing and Tianjin Associations for Alumni of Nanjing organized the Nanjing Tech Week Alumni Economic Forum, with a view to promoting the economic development of Nanjing by exploiting the alumni resources.

According to preliminary statistics, at least 50,000 to 60,000 alumni of Nanjing University are engaged in start-ups and innovation in Nanjing. This year, Nanjing University and the municipal government have jointly launched a start-up plan for Nanjing University alumni and established an economic zone for Nanjing University alumni to aid Nanjing’s in building an innovative city. Southeast University has 310,000 alumni all over the world. This January, its alumni established the Nanjing Alumni Association.

To date, Nanjing has established a number of new-type alumni economic platforms and organizations. These platforms have played a positive demonstrative role in attracting highly-trained professionals and promoting innovation and start-ups. Nanjing will continue to exploit the advantages of its alumni, mobilize their support for the transformation and integration of scientific and technological achievements, and encourage them to introduce domestic and international industrial resources, and contribute more to its effort for the construction of an innovative city and high-quality development.