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what is nanjing tech week
Following the important instruction of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s visit to Jiangsu, we will serve and help build a new development pattern, create a growth pole of innovation-driven development, share the feast of innovation ideas, link the power of global innovation, construct a warm fertile soil for innovation, and enhance the national sense of gain for innovation.
The Nanjing Tech Week will focus on the “new stage, new concept, new pattern, and new journey”, face the new era, connect China to the world, and uphold the philosophy of “co-creation, sharing and win-win” help strengthen the self-reliance and self-improvement of science and technology; improve the quality and efficiency of the industry, and create a thoughtful, warm and effective innovation week.
event agenda
Day 01
21 June
Day 02
22 June
Day 03
23 June
Day 04
24 June
Day 05
30 June
1.China-Russia Grand Institute Innovation Forum
2.T20 International Urban Innovation Chain Cooperation Forum
3.Digital Technology and Digital Economy Innovation Summit
4.Science and Technology Summit Forum of “Beidou Enabling New Opportunities for Industrial Development”
5.The 3rd Zijin Mountain Forum of “Information High-Speed Railway” Technology and Industry
1. 2021 China Artificial Intelligence Summit
2. 2021 Nanjing Internet Emergency Management Application Forum
3. The 3rd International Medical Instrument Innovation Summit Forum
4. 2021 Green Technology and Investment (Nanjing) International Forum
5. China 50 People Forum of Healthcare Big Data
6. Future Food Industry Innovation and Development Summit Forum
7. Liuhe Industrial Innovation and Development Conference
8. The 2021 Forum of High Quality Development of Next-Generation Automotive
9. 2021 Nanjing Week — Overseas City Innovation Dialogue Activity
10. Launching Ceremony of The Yangtze River Delta Emerging Industry Development Forum and Robotics, Internet of Vehicles
11. 2021 First Summit Forum of South Jiangsu Independent Innovation Zone
12. Collective Wisdom and Extensive Materials, Inspiring Intelligence and Creating Innovation — Nanjing Xuanwu New Materials Summit Forum and Signing Ceremony of Nanjing Branch of National Science Center for Mesoporous Materials
13. China-Russia (Nanjing) Digital Economy Innovation and Cooperation Forum
14. The 7th Global Software Conference NJSD 2021
1. Nanjing Tech Week — China Innovation Ecology Conference
2. Jiangbei New Area — Southwest UK Regional Cooperation Summit
3.2021 Nanjing Tech Week — Economic Intellectualization International Forum
4.2021 Nanjing Unicorn and Gazelle Enterprise Press Conference
5.Nanjing Digital Economy Industry International Innovation Summit and DXC Global Software Quality Press Conference
6.Zijin Mountain Talent Development International Summit and “Brain Bay” Innovation Forum
7.2021 Nanjing Tech Week — [email protected] Gate (Global)
1. International Engineering Science and Technology Strategy High-End Forum and International High-End Forum of Composite Material Technology and Equipment Development
2. 2021 China-Russia Life Health (Nanjing) Cooperation and Development Summit Forum
3. The 2nd Yangtze River Ecological Civilization International Forum and Jiangsu Water Pollution Prevention and Control Equipment Industry Chain Development Summit
4. 2021 Nanjing Tech Week Impression “[email protected] Gate" Innovation Competition — Huayao Grand Ceremony
5. Nanjing/Paris Partnership Innovation Cooperation & The 4th China-France Innovation Development Conference
6. China-South Korea New Cooperation in E-era — 2021 China-South Korea Cross-border E-commerce Industry Innovation Cooperation Forum
1. 2021 China (Yangtze River Delta) Clinical Trial Development and Cooperation Summit
2. World Energy Storage Technology Conference (WESC2021) and China-British Energy Storage Technology Forum of National Natural Science Foundation Committee
3. Digital Innovation for New situation, Grand Collection of New Opportunities — 2021 Nanjing Tech Week — Know the Business China Tour Huawei Nanjing City Summit
  • Technology Summit Forum
  • Regional Cooperation Summit
  • Industrial Connection Event
  • Open Innovation Salon
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition
  • National Perception of Innovation
Themed Conference: Urban Innovation Under the New Development Pattern 
Events: Related Districts in Nanjing and Overseas Cities
Sponsor Nanjing Municipal People’s Government 
Co-organizers Relevant Schengen countries’ innovation agencies, relevant cooperation cities of Nanjing metropolitan area
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