Urban Innovation
Under the New Development Pattern
New Stage, New Concept, New Pattern, New Journey
Purple Mountain Innovation Conference
Innovation coordinate
Self-reliance and self-improvement
Opening up and cooperation
Lead the future
The award conference is planned to be held at 15:30 in the afternoon of June 25 (Friday) in the Zhongshan Hall of Nanjing Hanfu Hotel, highlighting the effects of Innovation Week such as the implementation of the famous innovative city policy, the signing of innovation week projects, and the perception of innovation by Nanjing citizens.
1. Play 2021 Nanjing Innovation Week review video
2. Speech by city leaders Innovative city policy fulfilled
3. Project signing
4. Unveiling Ceremony of "Innovative Cooperation Service Center with Russia"
5. Innovative city 12345 dedicated line channel released
6. National perception innovation
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