R&D Center of Broadband Wireless Mobile Communications, CAS

Established in December 2009, the R&D Center was funded by the Shanghai Institute of Microsystem […]

Nanjing Nanyou Institute of Information Technovation

Based on the high-level research and development platform of the National Local Joint Engineering Research […]

Precision Medical Innovation R&D Center

The Precision Medical Innovation R&D Center is committed to building a medical big data platform […]

Shangi Institute for Advanced Materials (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.

The Shangi Institute for Advanced Materials has developed preparation technologies for high-quality, high-purity, low-cost titanium […]

Nanjing Cyberspace Security Technology Institute

The Institute is dedicated to the research and top-level design of advanced information security technologies […]

Nanjing Institute of Advanced Biotechnology and Life Sciences

Previous research achievements of the Institute in the biotechnology field include: the development of a […]

Research Institute of Low-Orbit Broadband Satellite Communication Systems

Committed to developing comprehensive technical solutions for technological innovation in low earth orbit (LEO) broadband […]